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    British Shorthair & Longhair Cats

    Hello and welcome to the BECKSBRITISH website. My name is Becky and we are a small hobby breeder of British Shorthair and Longhair Cats in Staffordshire.


At BECKSBRITISH we aim to breed quality kittens where health temperament and type is our priority whilst adhering to the GCCF code of ethics.
Our pre-fix BECKSBRITISH is registered with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) and TICA (The International Cat Association).

We are proud members of the British Shorthair Cat Club and hope one day to “Show” our cats at forthcoming GCCF events across the UK.

Now a bit about this wonderful breed...

A quarter of all kittens registered with the GCCF each year are British Shorthairs, making the British the most popular pedigree cat in the UK.

The British is a patient, relaxed soulmate, forming strong bonds with human companions of all ages and being tolerant of other pets such as dogs and rabbits.

Whilst not overly talkative, your British will take a great interest in family routines; they are never far away from your side due to their “nosey” nature. The British personality is just like their appearance – strong and stable. Although they are unlikely to roam far from home, the British should be supervised outside due to their trusting nature which leaves them vulnerable to mishap.

British kittens have an adorable teddy-bear quality which combines with a comical and affectionate personality. Slow to mature, the calm and easygoing British deserves its place as a number one in the hearts of the British family. A wonderfully adaptable confident cat that makes a superb family companion.

Please take your time looking through our web site, you will find pictures of our Queens and their past kittens.

We have been blessed with Kittens this year. Please get in touch and we will answer any questions you may have. Details of our kitten agreement can be found here.

British Longhair

The British Cat


As they are slow to mature, the British kitten should be fed kitten food for at least the first year of age whilst bone is being laid down. The coat will not need regular shampooing but will require grooming during the moulting seasons to remove loose hairs from the dense coat. As the cat ages and becomes less able to groom itself, it may be that the coat will need attention to prevent matts from forming. Males weigh in at 9 to 17 1bs (4.1 to 7.7kg) and females 7 to 12 1bs (3.2 to 5.4kg). The British Shorthair/Longhair is considered to be a long-lived cat, with a life expectancy of 14 – 20 years.


My British Longhair Queen and a very special girl

Bluebell is a GCCF and TICA registered Blue British Longhair with a five generation pedigree. Official pedigree name "Wotmore Out-of-the-Blue". Her father is a GCCF registered British Lilac Shorthair and her mother a GCCF registered British Colourpoint Shorthair. It took many years of searching before I found this gorgeous Queen. She was such a beautiful kitten and I fell in love with her instantly.

According to the GCCF the "British" should be "...gently rounded and well balanced. An essential feature is the expression which should be sweet and sincere and enhanced by large round eyes. With a full broad chest, short strong legs, rounded paws and a tail that is thick at the base and rounded at the tip, the British should look both compact and powerful..." – I think you’ll agree Bluebell ticks all these boxes.

Bluebell is a wonderful mum, very attentive, gentle and very protective of her kittens. Her first litter was 8! A shock to her and me 😊 but our strong bond along with love and care for these little fur balls, resulted in well rounded, sociable, healthy kittens ready for their new homes. It is always an exciting time when a mating is successful and we look forward to future litters.

We are lucky that Bluebell carries various colours and depending on the mating, her kittens have been a real mix. Both Shorthair and Longhair, blues, lilacs and torties. Take a look at the pictures of her kittens.




Luna - British Shorthair

My British Shorthair Queen

Luna is a GCCF registered Black British Shorthair with five generation pedigree. Official pedigree name "Ellclaracats Elsa". Her father is a GCCF registered Blue British Shorthair (Grandfather is GCCF Imperial Grand Champion and International Grand Champion) and her mother is a GCCF registered Chocolate British Shorthair. We imported this gorgeous potential Queen from my dear friend in Northern Ireland and I send special thanks to her www.ellclaracats-british-ragdolls.com

Again, stunning as a kitten and I fell in love with her instantly too!

Luna is a joyful cat, full of beans, love and fun. She amuses herself all the time when the other fur babies are happy to laze about! Loves toys, climbing, running, playing and always ready for a good tickle under the chin. She has a wonderful nature and temperament, extremely laid back and I believe will make a wonderful mum if/when the time is right.

Luna carries longhair and carries chocolate plus dilute so based on the stud I plan to use, her kittens could be lilacs, blues, blacks, chocolates and depending on whether the stud carries longhair she may have longhairs in her litter.



Twinkle - British Longhair

My British Longhair Queen

Twinkle is a GCCF registered British Longhair Blue/Cream Tortie with five generation pedigree. Official pedigree name "Annetta Twinkle Toes". Special thanks to my breeder friend Annette of "Annetta". Another stunning example of the breed and my newest recruit!

Twinkle achieved Best of Variety Kitten and Best of Breed at her very first GCCF Show at the tender age of 6 months. She has gone on to achieve CHAMPIONSHIP status end of January 2024 at the annual Cameo Pewter & Smoke Society Show in Stafford. See Photo.

Twinkle is full of mischief, playful, loving and a real friend to Luna. I couldn't ask for a better British Longhair and I hope to breed from her in 2024.



We have been very lucky to have some absolutely gorgeous kittens! Whilst we would love to post 100's of photos here of previous kittens we thought we'd keep it reasonable and simply post a selection of some of the wonderful, characterful kittens who have moved on to their forever homes.

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For the very latest on kittens we currently have available please call 07897 618374 or visit our FACEBOOK page.

We may have kittens! Please check our KITTENS AVAILABLE page and get in touch for availability!


BECKSBRITISH will provide kittens for re-homing in line with the GCCF Breeders Code. They will leave for their homes with the following:

  • ✔  GCCF certificate, strictly registered non-active
  • ✔  A five generation pedigree certificate
  • ✔  At least 2 health checks by a vet
  • ✔  Primary vaccinations undertaken at 8/9 and 11/12 weeks
  • ✔  Microchipped
  • ✔  Unless sold with breeding rights, will have a neutering clause in contract
  • ✔  Preventatively wormed at 9 and 12 weeks
  • ✔  De-flead (usually with advocate) at around 12 weeks
  • ✔  Litter tray and scratch post trained
  • ✔  Accustomed to household routines
  • ✔  5 weeks free insurance from Agria or 4 weeks from Petplan
  • ✔  Kitten pack containing diet sheet and advice
  • ✔  Toys
  • ✔  Food

As soon as a kitten is chosen, a non-refundable deposit of £200 is required.

For those kitten owners who put down a deposit you will be added to a WhatsApp group chat where we will post live videos and updates on your kittens. This is extremely popular - owners enjoy being kept up to date regularly on the progress of their kitten through this platform.

New owners are encouraged to keep in contact with us.

Please see comments from previous owners here.

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